Embed Power BI visuals in your Office documents

PowerBI Tiles Pro is a powerful add-in for Office 365 on PC or Mac that allows you to embed your Power BI reports and dashboards on PowerPoint, Word and Outlook documents.

Try it today and free yourself from taking screenshots of your latest data.



Embed real-time Power BI visuals in Office 365 documents

Enrich your PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Outlook emails with embedded real-time data or high-definition static images of your Power BI reports.

Update your data directly on Office documents

Stop taking manual screenshots every time you need to update your documents with the latest data from Power BI, and start hitting refresh on PowerBI Tiles Pro. All formatting, themes and styles will remain unchanged.

Apply any filters to your data without leaving Office

Don’t leave a presentation to check your numbers elsewhere whenever someone needs additional data. Check your reports as if you were on Power BI, and apply as many filters as you wish.

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* The displayed price is subject to sales tax or VAT according to the customer's location, if applicable. The customer will have the opportunity to review the final price we will charge before submitting an order.


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Single User License


  • 1x Online Version
  • 1x Desktop Version
  • Support

5 User Licenses


  • 5x Online Version
  • 5x Desktop Version
  • Support

20 User Licenses


  • 20x Online Version
  • 20x Desktop Version
  • Support

100 User Licenses


  • 100x Online Version
  • 100x Desktop Version
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* The displayed price is subject to sales tax or VAT according to the customer's location, if applicable. The customer will have the opportunity to review the final price we will charge before submitting an order.


Power BI Tiles Pro is a “pack” composed by two versions of the product:

  • Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop for Office: These are Office Add-ins that allows you to embed your, or your team’s Power BI Visuals into your PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Outlook Messages quickly and directly without leaving office in seconds.
  • Power BI Tiles Online: This is an online version of Power BI Tiles that will allow you to embed Power BI visualizations into PowerPoint and Excel documents with live data;

Note: If you don’t purchase the app all the added visuals will have a watermark saying “DevScope PowerBI Tiles Pro Free Version”.

Once acquired the license is perpetual, subject to the terms of our license agreement, with free access to all updates and new features.

Within 48 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email containing your license key information, download access, and product support information (if applicable).

Each license is generated according to the machine’s ID and activated to a single user.

To mitigate the rendering time (which is actually not the product’s fault because we are using Power BI’s API), use the snapshot tool and see if the times get any better.

  • In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
  • Click the Security tab, and then select the Internet Sites Zone.
  • Select the Enable Protected Mode check box, and then click OK.
  • Restart Internet Explorer and Outlook/PowerPoint

PowerBI Tiles Pro Online is only compatible with PowerPoint on Office 365 for Mac OS. This version allows you to embed real-time data from Power BI directly on Office documents. The Desktop Version of PowerBI Tiles Pro, also included in the license, isn’t currently available for Mac OS.

The only information collected on the PowerBI Tiles web application is the user's email when a new account is created. That email is used to identify the user and send him or her notifications regarding PowerBI Tiles such as updates or policy changes. That email may also be used to market DevScope products or services. We never share or sell our users' email contact or other information to third-party companies. Users may opt-out of these marketing emails at any time by accessing their account. The PowerBI website also uses a cookie (a small text file) with the sole purpose of facilitating the authentication process of returning users. Please refer to your browser's policy to learn how to disable and delete cookies.

Our plugins only read data from the MS APIs. Ex. PowerBI Tiles, PowerBI Tiles Pro Desktop.

We only store the OAUTH AccessToken locally on the user machine, to be used as a cookie (as per browser functionality), according to MS common Standards. In specific add-ons like PowerBI Tiles Pro Desktop we store the OAUTH AccessToken in an encrypted file on your Profile AppData folder and also store a XML catalog with metadata about PowerBI Dashboards (name/title/URL in a hierarchy mode). When creating a PowerPoint Presentations with PBI Visuals on it, we also store on each shape, the Url/Link of the respective PowerBI Tile/Report so that we can identify which item to refresh later. If you share the PowerPoint presentation no Auth/Login data is shared. The PowerPoint presentation shapes only have the link to the PowerBI URL embedded in the shapes. Only an authorized MS PowerBI user will be able to refresh it.

All communications are encrypted by SSL channels using HTTPS using PowerBI SDK.

The only data that is routed to non-Microsoft infrastructure is instrumentation on usage and our licensing.

  • Instrumentation – We collect dynamic data restricted to our apps internal algorithms/code and only about exceptions for code quality using Serilog/SEQ and Azure Application Insights. On PowerBI Tiles Live we collect google analytics usage.
  • For licensing functionality of PowerBI Tiles Desktop Pro we collect a key that is an ID generated once on your machine like that is a hash of your CPUID, and MotherBoard ID. This id is then included in our license file generated and we use this for identifying you as a valid user.
  • For licensing functionality of PowerBI Tiles Live we don’t collect any data besides your email for authentication functionality.

We have a full support team dedicated to our products. The license includes 5-hours of online support and extra support hours will be charged by the unit (30 minutes). You can also celebrate a maintenance contract with DevScope.


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