Stop wasting time taking print screens from your Power BI

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Time is too valuable for screen clipping and low quality image “copy and paste”. Use Power BI Tiles Pro to embed your PowerBI visuals in seconds.

Update your presentation with one button click

Not only you can insert but you can even update/refresh those visuals keeping the inserted shapes/visuals with the same format applied. Power Bi Tiles Pro will update the static images with the latest data from PowerBI while keeping all formats, resizes, and locations intact.

Add PowerBI Visuals

Add PowerBI visuals (dashboard tiles & reports) into your slide deck, Word document or Outlook message.

High Definition Images

Use high definition static images when embedding and apply any kind of styles or formatting.

Report Filters

Create variations of yout PowerBI Reports by applying filters directly to the data.

Refresh Process

Automate the Refresh process to ensure all images regenerate using the latest data in powerbi.com

Visuals catalog preview

Preview and select the items to insert while navigating through your PowerBI visuals catalog.

Better and Faster Rendering

Rendering Mecanism Improved. 30% faster compared to previous version.


You can now embed PowerBI visuals into your Office documents, format its appearance with shadows, rotations or any other effects imaginable and selectively update/refresh those visuals at any time keeping the shapes with the original format with just one click. Just follow these easy 4 steps below.



Login into your PowerBI account. Check more information on www.powerbi.com



Select your visuals



Compose your presentation



Refresh anytime to update


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5 User Licenses


  • 5x Online Version
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20 User Licenses


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100 User Licenses


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How to install and license?

You can now install both versions of Power BI Tiles Pro: Online and Desktop

Download Power BI Tiles Pro Online from the Microsoft Store.

Download PowerBI Tiles Pro Desktop zip package.

Online Version Desktop Version


To install Power BI Tiles Pro Online follow the steps described on the Microsoft Store.

To install Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop unzip the file downloaded previously and install the executable files (one for each Microsoft product - MS PowerPoint, MS Word and MS Outlook). Run the setup program and follow the instructions shown on your screen for the installation program.

How to activate your license

Register into your PowerBI account (on the online or desktop version). To receive the activation keys go to our store. You will receive an email with your 4 activation key: one to the online solution and three others to use for each module of the desktop solution (MS PowerPoint, MS Word and MS Outlook).

To activate your licenses:

  • On Power BI Tiles Pro Online: Click on "Store" button, open the "Activate license" tab and insert the online activation key provided
  • On Power BI Tiles Pro Desktop: Open the add-in tab in each Microsoft product, click on "Activate license" and insert the activation key provided for that specific product

Uninstall Desktop Version

Exit (click the File tab, and then click Exit). Click the Windows Start button, click Control Panel, and then double-click Add/Remove Programs. Click the item in the list of installed programs as stated in the image below, and then click the Uninstall button.

Meet Our Solution

Check here some of the new and improved visuals of Power BI Tiles Pro.

Clients Testimonials

"Quite simply, a MUST-HAVE PowerBI add-in."

Jonas Young

"Awesome work. Top add-in. Worked perfectly for me. You guys rock!"

Stewart Langley

"The missing piece for PowerBI integration into office. Simply fantastic."

Paul Stevens


Congratulations to this year's MVPs who have recently received new designations!

And to recognize your valuable work in local and worldwide communities, DevScope is very pleased to provide a free Power BI Tiles Pro not-for-resale (NFR) license (for 1 year) to all Microsoft Most Value Professional (MVP). If you have any questions regarding Power BI Tiles Pro or this offer, just send us an email to support@devscope.net.

New Versions

  • Report Filters, now you can create variations of your PBI Reports by applying filters directly to the data. In all reports the filters tab will be displayed by default.
  • Microsoft PBI SDK, update Microsoft Release updates to its SDK. We are now using the latest updated versions. Enhanced functionalities and bug fixing was applies.
  • Better and faster rendering, we improved the rendering mecanism and now its at least 30% faster compared to previous version.
  • Bug Fixing and overal improvements, we fixed a lot of bugs and refactored a lot of code to make PowerBITiles more stable and robust.
  • UI improvements while rendering PBI Visuals.
  • Fixes bug with GPU graphic cards.
  • Improved quality of rendered images.
  • Engine optimizations.
  • Fix in setup script to better handle x64 environmens.


The new version should be activated automatically. If the new version is not activated automatic, please contact us at support@devscope.net
You will not lose your data. A watermark will be present in all reports.
  • Click File > Options > Add-Ins.
  • Search for Power BI Tiles Pro. If the add-in is not listed after installation please contact support@devscope.net.
  • Select an add-in type where Power BI Tiles is.
  • Click Go.
  • Select the add-ins and click add.
More information about add-in: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/View-manage-and-install-add-ins-in-Office-programs-16278816-1948-4028-91E5-76DCA5380F8D