Automate your Power BI reports

PowerBI Robots allows you to schedule Power BI reports and dashboards, and sends them anywhere, to an unlimited number of recipients. Simply tell PowerBI Robots when and where you want your Power BI data, and it will always deliver it on time.

Your dashboards and reports delivered everywhere

PowerBI Robots is a report automation tool that delivers Power BI reports and dashboards with the recurrence of your choice to any user, in or outside your organization. Power BI Robots automatically delivers Power BI reports via email, to Azure, SharePoint, a file system, a webhook, or any device supporting a browser. Reports are sent as high-resolution screenshots, PDF files, or Excel files.

The report automation system for Power BI

Fully automate your Power BI reports by telling PowerBI Robots to run with the recurrence that best suits your organization’s needs, be it every week, hour, month, etc. At the time of your choosing, PowerBI Robots takes a screenshot of your Power BI reports or dashboards and automatically sends them as high-resolution images or PDF files. It can also send your Power BI dataset as an Excel file with the latest data. Thanks to Robot Process Automation (RPA), all you need to do is schedule your Power BI reports, and PowerBI Robots will take care of delivering them like clockwork.

Send Power BI reports to any user

PowerBI Robots allows you to regularly send automatic reports to as many people as you want, regardless of where they work. You can even deliver Power BI reports to users outside your organization and non-Power BI users. Because data overwhelm is as bad as not enough data during the decision-making process, PowerBI Robots lets you filter your reports as much as you want, so different metrics are sent to different recipients from the same Power BI report or dashboard. In a business with different areas, PowerBI Robots allows insightful information to flow to the right people without overwhelming them.

Deliver Power BI reports anywhere

PowerBI Robots allows you to deliver Power BI reports and dashboards to any user on any device. You can export Power BI reports as PDFs, images, or Excel files and send them using your favorite delivery system. You can send Power BI reports by email, to SharePoint, Azure, a file system, or a webhook. You can also choose to present your data as a slideshow, so you can display Power BI reports on a TV or a giant video wall. If your device supports a web browser, it also supports PowerBI Robots.

Privacy Guaranteed

Both the user and the company’s privacy is 100% guaranteed with PowerBI Robots. All information used by PowerBI Robots is stored locally on the user’s infrastructure, so it does not collect any information from the user or the reports. PDF, Excel and image files are also generated in the machine running the PowerBI Robots desktop agent.



* The displayed price is subject to sales tax or VAT according to the customer's location, if applicable. The customer will have the opportunity to review the final price we will charge before submitting an order.

An annual license of PowerBI Robots fits the needs of all companies, and comes with:

  • Unlimited scheduling of Power BI reports

  • The ability to send Power BI reports to an unlimited number of recipients, either in or outside the company

  • The ability to send Power BI reports to any number of emails, SharePoint libraries or devices

  • Free continuous product updates, with the integration of features suggested by the client

  • Includes 5-hour online support

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