Easy data sharing with endless possibilities

PowerBI Data Portal let’s users share Power BI dataflows from their workspace with colleagues, clients, partners, or suppliers, opening the doors to unprecedented data collaboration.

PowerBI Data Portal

PowerBI Data Portal is a web tool for data professionals to share dataflows from their Power BI workspace with anyone, internal or external to their organization. With PowerBI Data Portal, it’s easy to share an organization’s data in read-only mode, opening a world of opportunities for collaboration with clients, partners, or suppliers.

Complexity gives way to simplicity

Power BI dataflows process the data from sources as diverse as SQL Server, Data Lakes, Excel files, or even the web to encapsulate complex ETL processes that make said data easy to analyze and handle. Until now, these dataflows results were restricted to users with access to the same Power BI workspace and who worked in the same organization. PowerBI Data Portal opens dataflows to anyone and turns the once complex task of sharing data into a simple one.

Data sharing made easy

PowerBI Data Portal is a web tool for data professionals to share dataflows results from their Power BI workspace with anyone, internal or external to their organization. This endpoint is optimized for DataLake’s read-only static files. No risk of interfering with other internal workloads.

Endless possibilities

Once we publish an endpoint, the possibilities are endless. - Power BI users can simply add another OData connection string. - Data Scientists in other departments can now run Python scripts with full access to any data set without the need to create their ETL processes. - Suppliers can have access to multiple data sources to add your inventory to their Power Apps. - Partners can integrate your organization’s data into their Power Automate processes and trigger events based on data from your Power BI dataflow. Data sharing becomes an opportunity with tremendous possibilities.

Key features

  • Simple

    Replace the complexity of B2B integration processes with the simplicity of PowerBI Data Portal.

  • Centralized

    Consolidate an organization’s various models with Power BI dataflows, and use PowerBI Data Portal to distribute them.

  • Safe

    Read-only generated datasets are isolated from internal dataflows sources and public access controlled by the Portal’s security.

  • Fast

    Edge-optimized for low-latency, especially in CDN scenarios.

  • Collaborative

    Enable data mashup’s by sharing datasets not only with colleagues but also with third parties such as clients, suppliers, and partners.

  • Limitless

    Shift to “push” and make your data flow to the edge, enabling new integrated processes and innovative applications.


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    An annual PowerBI Data Portal license comes packed with benefits:

    • Host unlimited data sources in the cloud

    • Share your data throw an API with an unlimited number of users

    • Share your data throw an API with anyone – even users outside your organization and without a Power BI license

    • Share with security

    • Receive support from the DevScope team

    • Get free continuous product updates with the integration of features suggested by the client

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    PowerBI Data Portal

    Easy data sharing with endless possibilities

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