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delivered everywhere.

PowerBI Robots automatically takes screenshots of your Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports and sends them anywhere you want.

Just tell PowerBI when and where you want your data, and it will take care of delivering it on time.



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Schedule PowerBI Robots to automatically take and send high definition snapshots of your latest reports and dashboards.


Deliver different data to different recipients from the same Power BI dashboard.


Choose where you want your report and dashboard snapshots delivered and broadcast – as a PDF attachment on an email, the company’s SharePoint Server or a huge Smart TV or video wall at the office.

Get your data whenever you want

PowerBI Robots automatically takes and sends high definition screenshots of your Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports at the time of your choice. Thanks to Robot Process Automation (RPA), you only need to tell PowerBI Robots what info you need and when you need it and it will take care of delivering it like clockwork.

Apply personalized filters

PowerBI Robots allows you to send different business intelligence metrics to different recipients from the same Power BI dashboard. Data overwhelm can be as nefarious as not enough data. If your business is comprised of diverse areas, having the right people looking at the right data is a guaranteed way to achieve the best business insights.

Display data wherever you want

Think where you'd like your report and dashboard screenshots delivered and broadcast and PowerBI Robots will most likely support it. Export screenshots as high-resolution PDFs or image files and send them to a multitude of recipients via email, the company's SharePoint Server™ or to a web address so you can display them on a smart TV or a video wall.

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Be among the first to use our latest tool and improve the way your business gets and shares Business Intelligence data from Microsoft Power BI. Place your order during PowerBI Robots launch window and enjoy the special price of 899€ only. You can also try PowerBI Robots free with full access to all functions.



What is PowerBI Robots?

PowerBI Robots is a robot process automation (RPA) tool for Microsoft Power BI that allows users to schedule automatic screenshots of their reports and dashboards and send them via email or to a file system or SharePoint server.

Do I need to know any programming language to use PowerBI Robots

Anyone with an Office 365 and a Power BI account can use PowerBI Robots. We advise the end user to be an experienced Microsoft Power BI user but he or she doesn't need to know any programming language to easily operate PowerBI Robots.

What's the difference between the trial and licensed versions of PowerBI Robots?

Both versions have the same exact features and functions. The only difference between them is the presence of a watermark on every report and dashboard screenshot captured by the trial version of PowerBI Robots.

Are there any limits for scheduling reports and dashboards screenshots using PowerBI Robots?

No, there are no limits. You can schedule as much as you need.

Is the 899.99€ license fee per user or can one license be used by an entire organization?

It's a license per user, meaning that, depending on the structure of the organization, you might just need one.

What personal information is collected on the PowerBI Robots web application and how is it used?

The only information collected on the PowerBI Robots web application is the user's email when a new account is created. That email is used to identify the user and send him or her notifications regarding PowerBI Robots such as updates or policy changes. That email may also be used to market DevScope products or services. We never share or sell our users' email contact or other information to third-party companies. Users may opt-out of these marketing emails at any time by accessing their account. The PowerBI website also uses a cookie (a small text file) with the sole purpose of facilitating the authentication process of returning users. Please refer to your browser's policy to learn how to disable and delete cookies.

What personal information is collected by the PowerBI Robots agent?

The PowerBI Robots agent doesn't collect any personal information. All information used on the PowerBI Robots agent is stored locally, on the user's infrastructure.

What kind of support do you offer on this product? Will it have a product team set up to answer any user questions?

We have a full support team dedicated to our products. The license includes 5-hours of online support and extra support hours will be charged by the unit (30 minutes). You can also celebrate a maintenance contract with DevScope.


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